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De Ñublu y Orpín

Author: Chus Pedro

The beautiful voice of Chus Pedro stands out more than ever in his solo debut, recorded with only the most worthy musicians and technicians from Asturies and the Atlantic Arc.

Long description: The singing half of the greatly admired duet Nuberu, Chus Pedro, is once again at the forefront of Asturian music news with the release of De Ñublu y Orpín (Of Haze and Fine Rain), his first effort without his hitherto inseparable guitarist Manolo Peñayos. Since Chus Pedro worked with the Tejedor brothers on their album Texedores de suaños, word came out on the possibility of recording a solo album in which the main element were the voice, accompanied by well known artists and producers. In all it took over four years for this project to materialize, mainly due to the exceptionally long process of preparing for the actual studio work.

Chus Pedro and arranger Gabino Antuña sifted through over 700 entre más de 700 traditional pieces to look for the most adequate and the ones they both felt would fit best on the record. Then came the difficult task of finding the best collaborators and technicians, during which the initially prefered Phil Cunningan had to be discarded, so that eventually the CD counted with the impeccable participation of Capercaillie member Donald Shaw, along with Paul McGeechan, on production and mixing chores.

Nevertheless, as could not be otherwise expected, the most relevant participation on De Ñublu y Orpín came from the finest of Asturian musicians. Gabino Antuña acted as main producer, along with Donald Shaw, and both shared the privelege of counting on such excellences as Diego Pangua, Jose Ángel Hevia, Elias García, Xel Pereda, Fernando Arias, Jose Manuel Tejedor or Javi Méndez. Expressed in the well put words of Chus Pedro himself, the songs are handled in an "Atlantic style," in which the accoustic prevails and the arrangements support Chus Pedro´s magnificent, delicate voice. This is especially true in the case of the astonishing versions of the traditional pieces "Soi de Verdiciu", "Ecos de la Quintana" and "Yo fui al Carmín de La Pola".


1. ¿Ónde vas? 3´17"
2. Verdiciu. 3´24"
3. L´amor ye cosa triste. 4´23"
4. El que nun tien rapaza. 3´17"
5. Nel campu ñacen flores. 3´24"
6. Texeora de bayu. 4´16"
7. Yo fui al Carmín de La Pola. 2´48"
8. Así ye la vida. 4´21"
9. Agora sal a baillar. 3´36"
10. Gaiteru. 3´52"
11. Que m´escurez. 2´45"
12. Vaqueires. 4´07"
13. Vaqueires II. 2´26"
14. L´amante xana. 4´42"

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