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Concierto de Asturias

Author: Varios Intérpretes

Recording of the 2002 Asturies Day concert, featuring renowned Asturian pop and folk artists performing some of Asturies´s most popular songs together.

Long description: Live recording of the concert held in Uviéu / Oviedo on September 7, 2002. The CD includes the performances which took place during this special concert celebrating Asturies Day by renowned Asturian pop and folk artists of the category of Víctor Manuel, Nuberu, Ramón Prada, Mari Luz Cristóbal and the Tejedor brothers (of whom José Manuel Tejedor acted as official bagpiper throughout the event), along with an exceptional assortment of musicians conducted by the prestigious composer Ramón Prada.

A unique recording not only due to the artists featured nor the wide-ranging repertoire of popular Asturian songs but also because it includes the truely vibrant moments of "Asturianía" experienced when the artists´ performed together.

Track listing:

1. Ramón Prada: Intro-Xirinx. 8´25
2. Nuberu: Tengo de rondar to valle. 2´28
3. Tejedor: Pola llibertá. 6´12
4. Mari Luz Cristóbal: Onde la ñublina posa. 3´12
5. Nuberu y Victor Manuel: Agua de la fonte clara. 3´57
6. Mari Luz Cristóbal: Diendo camín de la Pola. 4´02
7. Nuberu: Aida la fuente. 4´55
8. Victor Manuel: La sirena. 5´16
9. Victor Manuel, Nuberu y Tejedor: Chalaneru. 4´08
10. Tejedor: Polkifunkilixa. 6´08
11. Nuberu y Tejedor: Dios de llibre de Castiella. 6´53
12. Victor Manuel: Cuelebre. 4´07
13. Ramón Prada: La Noche Celta. 9´12
14. Victor Manuel: Asturias. 5´11

Price: 9,50 euros (1.581 pta)
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