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Rep˙blica Independiente de Tolivia

Author: Los Berrones

Brilliant new album by the creators of agro-rock.

Long description: Just as fans of the legendary Asturian "agro-rock" band Los Berrones were beginning to think they wouldn┤t be able to wait a single day longer, in December 2003, they finally release their awaited seventh original album, boasting a renewed image and sound, though faithful to their unmistakable agro-rock style (a purely indigenous form of rural rock). On "Repvblica Independiente de Tolivia" the Berrones surprise us with sharp lyrics, catchy melodies and as always the fresh and straightforward humour (for those able to understand Asturian).

Especially appreciated by the band┤s fans is the return to a more acoustic sound, which characterized their early works, although combined with a maturer ability to approach topics related to social and political realities common in Asturies, humourously as always but now with a bittersweet touch of reflectiveness.

The CD ends with what is surely to go down in rock history as one of the most unexpected versions of Simon and Garfunkel┤s "Bridge over Troubled Waters" ("Puente sobre agües braves"), by way of the purest agro-rock guise.


1. Mentires
2. ¡Que guapa yes!
3. A cabruñar
4. Pais de pandereta
5. Suañaba yo
6. ¡Cuantos queden pel camin!
7. Les calentures
8. A dos nenos
9. Calamocanu
10. Esa atrocida llamada amor
11. Amor de mil duros
12. Puente sobre agues braves

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