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Ask us for special prices for B2B purchases. What are you interested in?

There are some asturian products such as bagpipes (and other asturian instruments) or asturian customes which require some detalis such as its size, colours... Their shipping time and cost depend on a wide range of aspects.Ask us about them

If you want to cancel a purchase send us an e-mail with the details.

If you are getting nervous about not recieving your order send us an e-mail stating its number and date. offers you the opportunity to start earning money with your web site, without any effort at all.

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What is it?
We invite you to participate in the Affiliate Program. This way you can enter the world of e-commerce and generate an income for your web site without having to start up your own online store. It's as easy as just putting a link to on your site, so that you help us bring new customers to our site and help yourself earn referral fees.

How does it work?
Each Affiliate is assigned an identification code which enables our software to detect all those visitors entering Asturshop form your site. You have several ways of linking to at your disposal, so you can choose the kind of link that suits you best or whichever you think is likely to render you greater profits: anything from a link to our cover to links to specific products, including the possibility of linking to wider types or ranges of products. We leave this choice up to you because no one other than yourself can know the audiences your site is directed to or the kind of people more likely to be interested in your contents.

How much can I earn?
Each time a visitor coming from your site enters and buys something, we pay you a 5% commision on the price of the article bought (excepting shipping costs).

How can I sign up?
All you have to do to enter the Affiliate Program is read the Operating Agreement, then fill out the registration form below and e-mail it to us. In just a few days you'll recieve our reply and the instructions on how to get started.

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Please see our FAQs page if you have any doubts or questions.

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