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La bandurria y el rabel Xandru Martino Ruz
Diccionariu Ilustráu de la Llingua Asturiana

This work is a basic dictionary directed to people that are not specialist but that they have interest in knowing the fundamental vocabulary of this language. It picks up near six thousand words that we consider that statistically are generally used in the daily speech accompanied by illustrations that show some of the most outstanding aspects in our traditions, nature, and traditional culture.


SaliaLa Col.lá Propinde

The repertoire of this second work of The Col.lá Propinde that arrives two years after the famous" l.l" continuous with the spirit of the band, offering folk-coalition with different reggae influences and other styles some songs is also of composition own envelope traditional topics and some Irish piece adapted to the style of The Propinde


Camiseta "aldeana"Careaga
¿Qué tien esta sidra?

The poster, which is headed by the expression ¿Qué tien esta sidra? (What´s up with the cider?), presents a cartoon sketch of a typical Asturian espicha (cider feast) in a traditional Asturian llagar (cider house) with the big wooden barrels of cider and lots of cider constantly being poured. The cartoon is packed with different characters expressing their opinion on the cider they drink using the typical (and appropriate) expressions and vocabulary for this, in Asturian. It also serves as a caricature of some typical behaviours to be seen at espichas, along with all the props and apparel.

Food & Drink

Paté de centollu Pría
Cheese Cuevas del Mar

Pure cheese of goat with the particularity of having the rosy bark to be taken a bath in wine.


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Food & Drink

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